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Choosing a Colour Scheme

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Wedding Chair Sashes


How Do I Choose My Colour Scheme? 

By Nicky at Blue Leaf Event Hire


As part of my role, I attend the wedding showcase days organised by the local venues I provide venue dressing for.  The thing that stands out is how many couples are finding it tricky to pick the colour of their chair sash which is ultimately their wedding colour scheme. 

The reasons for this typically are: 

● They can’t match the exact colour

● They can’t agree on a colour

● They can’t decide on whether the colour goes with the function room 


Starting Point 

The starting point when selecting a colour scheme is really your bridesmaid dresses.  You may have an idea in your head about the colour you want your bridesmaid/s to wear, but then when you start trying dresses on find that colour doesn’t suit your bridesmaid/s or a quite simply that another colour stands out to you that you’d not previously considered. 

You will find the colours of the bridesmaid dress collections are reflected in the menswear cravats & ties etc too. 


Matching A Colour 

Assuming as I am that the majority of couples will try to match the bridesmaid dress colour to their chair sashes some issues may arise. 

Unfortunately there are a few colours that do prove tricky to match.  One of which is dusky pink - which is a pain because it is such a popular colour this season.  But what exactly IS dusky pink?  You only have to go on Pinterest & search for dusky pink venue decor to see how varied the colour can be.  The first thing to say is, take along something that is of the colour you want to match.  ​Don’t rely on an image on a phone as screens will make colours look different than they are. 

If you don’t have a fabric sample from your bridesmaid dress shop then bring along one of the following: 

● The little loop you use to hang the dress on a hanger (assuming it is the colour you want)

● Buy some ribbon in the shade you want

● Look at the paint swatches in a DIY store - bring one along if it is the right shade 


My advice is do not put yourself under huge amounts of pressure to get an EXACT match. There is no such thing.  The reasons for this are: 

● Lighting in the room will affect the look of the sash colour.  This will vary through the day & evening.

● The fabric of the sash will not be the same as the bridesmaid dresses & therefore will look different anyway.

● While the chair decoration make a huge difference to the look of the room, no-one is going to notice if the shade is not exact!  They will be too busy looking at the overall finish & you! 


Solution : The solution to this if it proves to be a problem is to choose a blending colour.  In the case of dusky pink, people will often chose an ivory or a champagne sash or maybe even an ivory lace sash.  This will compliment the main colour scheme but not over ride it or clash with it. 


Bridesmaid Dress Colours


Couples Can’t Agree 

Are you & your partner struggling to agree on a colour?  Everyone has favourite colours & we often see people wanting to choose their favourite football team’s colour!!  


● What colours did you agree on?  Bridesmaid dresses?  Flowers?  Grooms outfit? Groomsmens Outfit?  Is there 1 colour that features throughout?  If so, would that suit you both?

● If you each have a colour & can’t decide on just one then why not alternate your chairs with both?  ● Is there a 3rd colour you both like that would complement each colour you can’t agree on? 

If so, bingo!  There’s your answer. 


Can’t Decide If The Colour Matches The Function Room 

Function rooms vary greatly in their decor.  Some are neutral others more ornate.  I am lucky enough to work in both types so have advised couples on this many times. Consider what it was about the room you liked when making your decision. 


If you are absolutely dead set on having a specific colour for your venue decor then have it! It’s as simple as that.  Your room will come together as a whole.  The table linen & chair covers will provide a neutral background as they will likely be ivory or white.  The sashes, table stationery, flowers etc will then provide accent colour.  The colour of the walls & curtains, as beautiful as they may be, will simply form part of the backdrop & will not work against your chosen theme. 

If you decide you like a colour that does complement the room then great!  


Wedding Chair Sashes


The important thing is not to allow the colour of your chair sashes to cause you stress or headache!  While I will be the first person to tell you the details are important, it is not important enough to cause stress!  It will still look beautiful whatever colour you choose!!

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